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Here is an example of the opposite of social interaction.  When was the last time you took note of and acted upon, one of the many advertisements you saw in the newspaper or on television? If you’re like most people, it doesn’t happen very often. Traditional media advertising casts a wide net, hoping that you “catch” a few customers. You can spend a lot of money creating an advertisement needed to get it out to the public, never knowing whether anyone will see it, let alone act on it.

Consumers (and you’re one of them!) face a daily barrage of marketing overload; some studies say that the average person is hit with about 2,000 advertising impressions each day!  As consumers, we have become adept at ignoring most of these, while many of us take matters into our hands.  We filter out advertising by using online software and applications that allow us to block unwanted content. Combined, this makes the job of the marketer that much more challenging.

When you ask any marketer or business owner what they feel is the most effective means of getting new business, invariably the answer is word of mouth.  If you’re looking to find a plumber, you will take the word of a trusted friend rather than rely on an advertisement or yellow pages listing. If you rely on ads, how do you choose between everyone who claims to be “the best”?  Enter social media.

Social Media

Social media brings with it the power of community: trusted friends and contacts from which you would take advice. This advice is the marketing power we have at our fingertips if we have a well-executed social media marketing plan.  Social media utilizes what is known as inbound marketing. Rather than casting that wide net, you work to help consumers find you. An effective social media plan does just that.  If you are providing a product or service that interests people, they WILL find you.  Bangor Media will help you find the right plan!

Unfortunately, to really get the full impact of this form of advertising; it takes a lot of time and dedication.  This is often very cost prohibitive.  Hiring someone full-time to be on the internet all day is not always feasible.   That is where we come in. We take this work on and ensure that your customers get the direct attention they deserve.  They will have access to the answers they need and be able to communicate questions and concerns. This will build their trust and loyalty to your business.

We also promote your site and provide you with monthly reports on your page(s) performance.  You can see how many potential customers are looking at your site, keep in constant communication with updates and promotions and much, much more. Contact us today.