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We want you to be happy. That means we give you all the information.
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Our pricing is completely transparent.  What you see below is the price.  There is no hidden fees.


We do not have any contracts.  The is zero obligation, and you are free to cancel anytime.


We are confident that we offer the best service at the best price.  We also know that we are the most cost effective.  Imagine you hire a full-time IT or Media staff.  If you hire someone right out of school, they certainly have the tools but will still be gaining experience.  In todays world, to hire and maintain someone would place them at $22 to 32 per hour.  Yes you could probably find some young kid, intern or friend.  We can’t compete with that.  We offer a totally different service then those options.  Assuming that you hire someone at $22 per hour, that is $45,760 per year.  You still have insurance, payroll and other employment costs.  Our All inclusive package is $18,000 per year.  That is our most expensive package.  It only cost you less if you are looking for a specific service.
Per month
Webiste Admin


Maintain, Update and Optimize
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Optimization
  • Unlimited Customer Updates
  • Page Graphic work
  • Security Checks
  • Spam Control
  • Traffic updates
Per month
Social Media


Post, Answer and Maintain
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Post planning
  • Weekly posts
  • Analytics tracking
  • Comment responses
  • User Engagement
  • Traffic reports
  • Website integration
Per Month
Online Master


Website, Social Media and Marketing
  • Website plan
  • Social media plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Strategy
  • Branding Awareness
  • Print ad creation
  • Video, photo work
  • Includes free website redesign
Per Month
All Inclusive


Website, Social Media, and IT
  • Website plan
  • Social media plan
  • Online master plan
  • Onsite computer tech support
  • Network support
  • Internet support
  • 24 hour call service