How it works

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Our process works for superior service to our customers.

Step one:

Contact us by email or phone (207-992-2946) anytime during this process.  During this call, we will discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help you get there.  We can set up a time to meet and discuss options if you prefer a one-on-one.   There is no cost for this consultation.  We are here to help every step of the way and look forward to developing a strategy for your business.

Step two:

We will propose a plan and provide this to you in writing.   It will include a list of services and the steps of implementation needed to provide them.   This plan will also cover the monthly costs and any additional fees.  There is no cost for this step of the process.

Step three:

When you decide on the plan, you will be sent an official agreement.  There are never any contracts because you are free to cancel anytime.   The agreement is just formal documentation of the above plan and expectations for both parties.  Once the agreement is signed and the first month’s fee is paid, we begin immediately working on your social media advertising plan.

Step four:

The first thing we have to complete is some basic questions to help us create a site that reflects your business persona.  It is important that we emulate your businesses attitude and personality.   Just like people, companies are all different.  We complete a quick questionnaire that allows us to gather valuable information about you and your company.

We will then work with you to develop a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).   This FAQ will help us to know how to interact and what to say to customers on your behalf.   It is important to note that you can elect not to have this service.  It will be discussed during your consultation.

During this process, please remember that we are always working on the content, integration, and promotion of your social media advertising to help you to reach customers all over the internet.