Cost comparison

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We know that advertising your business can take many forms.

It is important to create a comparison to decide what is right for you.  While our focus is on the online social media approach, it does not mean that other traditional ways are not relevant or viable.   In fact, the best strategy is to combine the two with a well thought out plan.

That being said, we believe there is a better way to maximize the money spent on advertising.  This look yields a better return on investment.   As a business grows, new approaches and methods should be examined.  Let us look at the differences between the two approaches of advertising.


In the illustration above, you can see some of the big differences just from an approach standpoint.  Think of traditional advertising as a large net.   You cast that net out there to see what you will…..well, catch.   The bigger that net is (, the more you spend), the more you could catch.   The problem with this approach is that once the net is out and has returned, you have to spend money to throw it again.


Now there are all kinds of fancy charts and analysis on the Internet that can explain what percent of return you could expect depending on what you spend.  However, nothing ever changes about fact that when the radio, print or TV ads end; so does your exposure.   It is on this point that online and social media advertising is always a great tool.

If you place an ad, post a promotion, list a blog, upload a picture, or do an instructional video; it will always be out there.   That post is there for people to readily review at any given time.   These posts could be referred to later or even pushed out again.   A potential customer can learn about your business by reading about your company and see things that were promoted or discussed in the past.  Seeing how many people liked and recommended your business builds brand loyalty and engagement in ways traditional advertising can’t.  The online media approach is more of a long-term advertisement, with constant exposure, which is more effective for your business.


As we mentioned previously, there are all kinds of cost analysis that have been done on the benefits of social media advertising.   One thing you will always get from us is the understanding that there are-always two viewpoints to everything.   For every site we could list showing the benefits, there is a site showing the negatives.   Remember, we support both approaches.

The illustration above shows a general cost comparison of impressions.  An Impression is the number of times a potential customer is shown your business advertising.  For example, the number of times a radio ad is played, or the number of times a commercial is aired.   As with anything, you always control how much you spend and the more you spend, the more exposure you have.

The great thing with social media advertising is that you can target the exact audience that will see your ad.  This means that you can select people that have a higher probability of wanting or needing your products or services.   Does’t this sound like a better way for your advertising investment to be utilized?


There is a good chance you have been researching how to advertise your product or business and you would like to plan and start a social media advertising campaign.   You probably also know that you can do this all on your own and you would definately save money doing so.  Just keep in mind, if your business is an automotive garage, or a landscaping company, do you have time to devote to being an online marketing and advertising consultant too?   How much time will be taken away from bringing in the revenue?  This is very time consuming and as we all know,  “Time is Money.”  Once your site has been created, in order for it to be viable and successful, it needs constant attention to make sure that it is always up to date.  We offer many creative and effective ways to create your site and give it the constant attention it needs to run smoothly and effectively.

In addition, we believe that we offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.  We will never make you feel like this is some computer world that only computer engineers can understand.   We want you to have a firm understanding of what we are doing for you and why.  As much as we would like for you to work with us, we would suggest you utilize another company if that was the best solution for your business needs.

The last point, is the option of hiring someone for all your online advertising needs “in house.”  Below is a chart we put together to show a comparison of hiring vs. contracting with us.   This is only illustrating our fees in comparison.  As we mentioned before, other companies will more than likely charge more.   Please be aware that the comparison below does not show the cost of the actual advertising.  For instance, if you decide to advertise in the newspaper, radio, or even online; those costs are in addition to the service they are providing.  Hopefully you can see that even if you choose our services, you still have money to spend on advertising and social media promotion.  We encourage you to shop around and compare our prices to other companies. because we offer extremely reasonable rates that are competitive in this field.

After weighing all these options, we are confident you will see the benefits of Bangor Media and what we can do to help your business be as successful and lucrative as we know it can be.